Friday, March 22, 2024

"Little Wing" movie filming locations in Portland

Little Wing (2024, PG-13)

Pigeon Heist Alert!  Recently filmed in Portland, this Paramount+ film follows a 13-year-old girl who is dragged into the world of pigeon racing as she deals with her parents' divorce and the impending loss of her home.

The film is set in Portland, with scenes in Downtown, SE and out in Oregon City at Willamette Falls. I've compiled some of the recognizable filming locations.

  • Estacada Middle School - "St. Francis Middle School"
Estacada sites have been used for a number of projects, including Leverage Season 4, Grimm and The Librarians.

Estacada Middle School
  • Family House
Kaitlyn's house on "Little Wing"-Paramount+

Director Dean Israelite and star Brian Cox in front of the house "Little Wing"-Paramount+

Photos from filming in NorthPortland (NoPo) near Unthank Park.

  • Steel Bridge - The kids bike across in the middle of the night, as they do.

  • Hawthorne Bridge 

WWeek summarizes the bridge scenes: "Israelite has genuine fun above the Willamette, capturing ‘80s kids-on-bikes adventure energy when Adam and Kaitlyn tear westward over the Steel Bridge.. after dark (later, a stand-off with Russian pigeon collectors on the Hawthorne Bridge is modeled on a spy exchange, all while perturbed cyclists barely avoid hitting them)."

The Hawthorne was closed for filming in April. Covered here: Hawthorne Bridge to close lanes for filming of Brian Cox-led, Portland-set 'Little Wing'  and by OregonLive.

  • Downtown Portland Director's Park

Scene from "Little Wing" on Paramount+

  • SE Portland Warehouse District

Looks like this scene was filmed on SE 2nd Ave. You can see the Market Supply Company sign in the background, located on SE Taylor St.

Scene from "Little Wing" Paramount+

  • "First Unitarian Church on Taylor" - the bell tower is referenced

First Unitarian Church photo: Wikipedia

The First Unitarian Church of Portland, located in downtown Portland, Oregon, listed on the National Register of Historic Places: S.W. 12th Avenue at Salmon Street.

First Unitarian Church Portland on google maps

  • VFW/American Legion Hall at Oregon City - THREE RIVERS POST 1324
This distinctive building with the rounded roof is the location for the pigeon race sign-in.

VFW Three Rivers Post 1324 

  • Willamette Falls - is featured in the background of the VFW parking lot, where they sign in to the pigeon race
Willamette Falls photo: wikipedia

The race itself takes them out into the scenic Willamette Valley countryside.

Well it got 1.5 stars on, but it's still a fun ride through Portland!

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Recent projects filming in Oregon

Looking to immerse yourself in some local scenery this weekend? Here are a few recent movies filmed in Portland and throughout the state.

Little Wing (2024, PG-13)

Premise: Follows a 13-year-old girl who is dragged into the world of pigeon racing as she deals with her parents' divorce and the impending loss of her home.

Filmed in Portland, Downtown, SE, Hawthorne Bridge, Estacada Middle School

As I was writing this, Kristi Turnquist at OregonLive who has chronicled the filming scene in Portland for years, published a great article about the movie, which was released today.

Where to watch: Paramount Plus (and channel on Prime Video)

Scene in Downtown Portland, Director Park, from "Little Wing." Photo:Allyson Riggs/Paramount+

Next, if you'd like reasons to second-guess your Pacific NW vacation plans, two good viewing options below:

Significant Other (2022, R)

Premise: A young couple take a remote backpacking trip through the Pacific Northwest and face sinister events leading them to realize that everything about the place is not as it seems.

Filming locations include: Silver Falls State Park, Silverton, Nehalem, Cloverdale, Estacada, Sublimity, Eagle Creek, Sandy and Cornelius.

Where to watch: Paramount Plus (and channel on Prime Video)

The Rental (2022, R)

Premise: Two couples on a weekend getaway (to the Oregon Coast) grow suspicious that their rental host has sadistic intentions.

Filming location: Bandon, Oregon

Where to watch: AMC+ (and channel on Prime Video)

Finally, not yet released, but with a unique plot and featuring Dylan O'Brien from Taylor Swift's Grammy Award-winning short film, All Too Well:


(Looking for twins as extras in Portland)

Premise: Two young men meet in a twin bereavement support group and form an unlikely bromance.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Grimm Filming Locations in Portland

My Grimm filming locations blog and the Grimm Locations Map are located at:

All Grimm seasons to date are posted on the incredible OldeSaultie's Grimm locations map.

Note: To filter the map by season, click the Menu icon on the upper left, scroll, and select the season(s) of interest.

You can search the blog for episodes and topics of interest.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Leverage Filming Locations

Explore and enjoy this interactive map of Leverage filming locations around the Portland area.

Thank you to those who contributed to this map and site: Vanessa B for the filming locations; OldeSaultie for the map creation. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Leverage on Location

Leverage is back in Portland now filming Season 5. According to OregonLive:

"This will be the first season the series is actually based in Portland, instead of filming here and pretending area locations are Boston, and other farflung spots."

Leverage filming - June 2011 - South Waterfront

Filming last summer in the South Waterfront - June 2011

Some recent filming took place at the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in McMinnville, home of the Spruce Goose.